Monday, August 28, 2006

Berjaya Tioman Island Resort off the east coast of Malaysia was our perfect getaway. No phones, no computers and no gyms (guilt factor - zero). The pool-bar got a good workout though!
Competition was furious for the best "seats in the house" and we got 'em every day. Pool-side and beach-side day beds - we were in heaven!! We became resort-savvy very quickly.
TIP: Sneak in before the pool opens and mark your territory with a few personal items.

When you've got a good spot you keep it. We did move during the day though... to the pool bar and back :)
(You can see Rengiis Island in the background... where we did some snorkelling.)

One of the *insert adjective here* sunsets we enjoyed whilst on Tioman.

Monkeys are to Tioman Island as possums are to any campsite in Australia. Raiding rubbish bins was a far more delicate operation for these mammals however. They seemed to live happily along side the resort guests rather than be a disturbance. This one was called Monica - she enjoys long walks on the beach and sipping pina coladas at sunset. She also enjoys flinging poo.
A small lagoon within the resort complex was home to an extended family of the rarely spotted wide-screen monitor lizards. These things are big!

In a futile attempt to work off some of the Long Island Ice Teas, we took to the water in a double kayak around the resort and near by Rengiis Island.
The snorkelling was like being dunked in an over-stocked aquarium!! The water was beautiful and warm and crystal clear and the amount of sea-life was breathtaking (pardon the pun). We hope the photos do it justice.

We finished our holiday in Singapore to visit my (and soon to be Rich's too!) family - where we ate, visited the night safari, ate, shopped, ate, saw some sites and ate some more. Here we are posing in front of the Merlion - the symbol of Singapore.